Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scrapping with guitars

I have trouble throwing away fabric.  I save scraps down to (probably ridiculously) small sizes: strips down to 1" in width and pieces down to about 1.5" square.  I store these small pieces in little ziploc bags by color.

I don't quilt as much as a lot of bloggers (full time job, 2-year-old), but even at the rate I go these little bags are starting to get pretty full.  Particularly the aqua one!

From time to time, I like to dump them out and choose a color way, then start piecing improv slabs.  Some of those I set aside with the idea of making a scrappy improv slab quilt someday.  Some of them I turn into baby bibs, like these.  

For this slab, I started with a few small pieces of Michael Miller's "Groovy Guitars" fabric left over from a quilt I made for my sister.  I grabbed some other small scraps in coordinating colors and started improv piecing.  I wound up with this:

My plan is to make it into a little zipper bag for my other sister, who plays the guitar.  I figure she can use it to hold random small music supplies (capo, tuning fork, etc) inside her guitar case.  Or if not, she'll have a cool guitar-themed bag to use for something else.  

My plan is to turn it into a boxy zipper pouch uses Jeni Baker's Triplizip pattern.  I've only every made one (super simple!) zipper pouch before, so it may not come out perfectly.  Hopefully it will be good enough to be loved.  That's all that matters, right?  

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