Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scrappy Baby Bibs

One of my favorite ways to use scraps is to make baby bibs.  I adored seeing these on my toddler and they make perfect baby gifts.  They're gorgeous, useful, and they're quick to make!  Also, the more you wash them, the more 'vintage' they look.

I use the "Best Baby Bib" pattern by Jennifer Casa.  All you need for the front is a 9"x10" (height x width) slab, so you can piece it out of fun little scraps.

I've started keeping small scraps together in ziploc bags, organized by color combinations I like.  When I want a bib, I just dump out a bag and start piecing!

Bonus: these little bibs are a *perfect* place to practice free-motion quilting because they are so small and easy to maneuver.

Here's a pair that I am making from scraps of my son's baby blanket---these will be a gift for a friend who just had a little boy:

These bibs are the perfect size for a baby under the age of 1.  As my son got older, I found I needed something a little bigger.  I just elongated the bib pattern by 2" and made a slightly longer bib, using an 11"x10" slab.  These bigger bibs were perfect for a toddler.

Happy scrapping!


  1. Great idea for using those small cute scraps! Thanks for joining up with ScrapasticTuesday

  2. These would be the best presents, what a good idea. A perfect scrappy project for Scraptastic Tuesday.