Thursday, January 15, 2015

CatVent quilt: success!

A handmade gift success: my sister loves the Cat quilt.

She recently emailed me to say:

"I am love love loving my cat lap blanket.  I have already had one jealous friend (disclosure, it was ____, who's probably my most stylish friend) be like, where did you GET that? She did not like my reply."

With that vote of confidence, I can't help wanting to make *more* things for her to impress her stylish friends with.  I'm thinking maybe one of Elizabeth Hartman's other awesome animal patterns.   

Because she's cool, my sister already has a bunch of fox-motif stuff (and even sent a handmade "What does the fox say?"-themed birthday card to my 2-year-old son), but I'm starting to feel like foxes are a little bit over-done.  It's possible to be too trendy, right?  So I'm thinking maybe a hedgehog pillow.  

That way, my sister can move on from trendy foxes to not-yet-trendy hedgehogs before they are cool.

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