Friday, December 20, 2013


Late to the game, as I am to many things...

I saw Elizabeth Hartman's cat quilt-along when it was only a few days in.  I love color, but I'm not crazy about rainbow quilts, and I thought the cats were cute but kind of... a lot?  I mean, I like cats, but not in a cat-lady kind of way.

Then my parents' cat died (age 20!!).  And suddenly I wanted to make a cat quilt.  Except of course, I had to make two: one for my parents, and one for my youngest sister, who was after all the soul-mate of said cat.  My plan is to back them in minky and add a border so they are just big enough to snuggle under---like a lap cat!

I decided to make the quilts identical, partly because that's just fast.  And I ditched the rainbow palette for one the color of, well, cats.

The first two blocks flew together.  They are fun to make!!  And fast.  I love how they came out.

I own hardly any solid fabrics, and almost none in neutrals (other than white), so I slipped in an order for a couple of neutral Kona charm packs, and made do in the meantime with a nearly-solid gray. Love, love, love!

I decided to sash the blocks for two reasons: (1) I want the quilts to be large enough to snuggle with, so bigger is better, and (2) I want to have some white cats.  That means having a few blocks with non-white backgrounds, which just works better this way.

My biggest problem now is that I don't want to wait for the charm packs to arrive, but I also don't want 25 grey kitties.  

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