Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Catvent - Ginger cats!

The charm packs arrived, and I've been making ginger cats.  I love them!!!  

My other sister, the one who isn't getting a quilt, has a super-handsome ginger cat.  (I figure she doesn't need a quilt, because she has a cat.  Mostly, I can't be bothered to make more than two cat quilts, at least for now.  But this is a good excuse, right?)  His name is Tiburon, which means "shark" in Spanish, because he likes to cruise around the bedroom and only the little tip of his tail is visible above the edge of the bed.  Here he is doing kitty yoga:

He's a gorgeous color.  And here are his quilt-y cousins:

Like a stupid, I only ordered one neutral pack (the other was the "silent film" color-scheme, for making black-based cats).  And of course, the charm pack only has one charm of most colors, like charm packs usually do.  It didn't occur to me that I would need one charm of each color for each quilt!  

Only a few of the cats can be made with *half* a charm, so in order to get two of each cat, I substituted patterned fabric that reads as nearly-solid for some of the solid scraps.  

The substitution made me feel like I was breaking the rules in a naughty way.  Silly, right?  It's not like the quilt police will come and arrest me, or like my mom/sister will find the original pattern and say, "Hey, these cats have patterns where they should have solids.  You suck."

These are my cats.  I can make them any way I like.  Lady Catherine will never know

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