Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fabric Pulls for Supernova Friendship Block-Swap

I'm excited to participate in the Supernova Friendship Block-Swap, hosted by Stephanie at Late Night Quilter and by Sandra at One Million Stitches.  I don't know either of those lovely ladies, nor do I know my partner for the project, Caitlin.  At least, not yet.  That's the whole point!  I started trying to blog in the hopes of meeting and making some quilty friends, so this project is perfect.

Caitlin says that she likes modern style and a solid background.

We'll have to pick a color scheme that we can agree on, so I ran off and did a few fabric pulls.  I'm posting them here so Caitlin can have a look (Hi, Caitlin!) and let me know if she likes any of them.

Orange/Lime/Aqua/Navy/Grey (inspired by the telephone print at the top):

Lavender/Aqua/Lime/Orange/Brown (inspired by the Denyse Schmidt and Amy Butler prints 2nd and 3rd from left):

Or Hot Pink/Orange/Yellow/Aqua/Navy inspired by two prints from Denyse Schmidt's Picadilly line):

Caitlin, do any of these appeal to you?  If so, great!  If not, do you want to pull some fabrics or some Design Seeds color palettes that you like?

As for background, Stephanie showed a quilt by Patrick at Straight Stitching Singer made with the Supernova pattern.  I really like the way the medium-value background interacts with the foreground fabrics over a range of values to make the blocks look very different from one another.  With a light-value or a dark-value background, the blocks look more same-y.  Caitlin, if you like that look too, maybe we can choose a medium-value background in a neutral-ish tone that matches whichever color scheme we choose.

So partner, what do you think?  ;-)

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