Monday, May 19, 2014 with the new...

Quilting is something I do for fun.  It makes me happy to play with color, and to make something with my hands.  I have no ambitions, and rarely have an agenda for my projects.

Because of that, I decided early on to let myself off the hook when it came to finishing things.  I'm allowed to start a new project whenever I want, even if I have tons of WIPs, because that's fun.

This week has been a party (a disaster?) in that respect.

I had a layer cake of Sewing Basket and the bright, cheery colors were calling my name.  A couple of nights ago, I sliced into it.  I'm making a simple pattern, so one night later I had reassembled all the sliced-up layers into blocks.  But I want a bigger quilt (with more white space), so I needed more blocks.  But that meant having more fabric.  Which means waiting.  And I am not a patient person.

So last night I ordered the needed charm pack, and then started another new project, one that has been in my head ever since I saw Susan(Canadian Abroad)'s ombre X-plus.

I started a new job back in January, and got my first paycheck Feb 1.  To celebrate, I treated myself to a long-coveted FQ stack of Chicopee.  I'm going to use the black-and-white prints for the pluses and the colors for the X's.  It's going to be awesome.  You'll see.

Not much to see yet, but I did manage to get all of the 'plus' parts of the blocks strip-pieced and sliced up last night.

It went very fast.  I know the next step will take longer, but I'm super-excited about this quilt.  Maybe that will encourage me to actually finish it in the near-term...?

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